Transforming Loss and Trauma into New Energy and Purpose.

Take the time needed to find your path as you move forward.

Six common questions and answers every woman navigating and recovering from a toxic relationship has but may be afraid to ask.

It take grace and guts to move from surviving to thriving. We do this by becoming aware, getting educated and by….


Honoring your truth and your feelings, learning to love and take care of yourself is not optional to be mentally and emotionally healthy. This is never more true than when you are in or recovering from an emotionally toxic relationship. You are suffering. Suffering is not meant to be endured. It is meant to be shared and transformed into an action plan and into growth and wisdom. Learning to love yourself, which is often misunderstood is not selfish. Let’s embrace healthy and humble love for self that flows into learning how to speak your truth and implement healthy boundaries.

Speak kindly to yourself with self-compassion now more than ever. There will be time to be with and process all of your feelings in recovery. You need space, you need rest to be able to stand up to your own internal accusers and real life abusers.

Reconciling Trauma

None of us are immune to trauma, it is a natural part of our human journey. Research tells us ( Sandra Brown, MA ) that 90% of survivors of pathological love relationships have trauma symptoms and 50-75% of them have full blown PTSD or C-PTSD. Trauma creates disconnection, fragmentation and sometimes dissociation within oneself, with others, or even with God. When healing narcissistic and emotional abuse talk therapy is not enough. The abuse is an assault on the soul and effects your physical body, thoughts, breaks your heart and is very difficult to reconcile.

The scientifically based brain and body therapy, Brainspotting, I utilize in my work bypasses the neocortex of the brain, where talk therapy happens, and reaches deeper into the subcortical brain where the upsetting memories, unprocessed emotions and trauma are stored. My holistic approach takes the best of brain-based, talk therapy, and other mind, body, spirit tools to allow you to access your brain’s self-scanning, self-healing properties.

Transforming Loss

There are tremendous losses associated with any kind of abuse and emotional abuse is no exception. The most serious loss is the loss of self. This is true for a child with a narcissistic parent , woman, or man, in a pathological love relationship. Understanding the natural and normal process of grief and having the right support are essential in recovery. Loss, from these relationships, become a pivotal milestone in our life that changes us, our path and our story — for the better if we honor the process and ourselves in it.

If we have loved we will grieve. This is the paradox of life. Time alone does not heal grief, we must work at it. Unresolved grief can look and feel like depression and create anxiety. Gaining meaning and new perspectives from our grief experiences create vitality and new beginnings.

Donna Shin, LCPC

  • Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling 2004 , Loyola University in Maryland
  • License MD – LC2632
  • NCC – National Certified Counselor – 2004
  • Certified Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP) – May 2020.
  • National Academy of Clinical Hypnosis – Certification 1478, 2004
  • Level II GIM Training  ( Guided Imagery with Music ) Mid Atlantic Training Institute 2008
  • Mastering the Meaning of Mandalas 2008 Sponsored by the Art Therapy Program of George Washington University
  • Brainspotting Certification – 2019
  • Approved Supervisor – MD Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists

Who I Serve

As a therapist licensed in the state of Maryland, I provide holistic therapy in my Towson office and via telehealth to individual clients who are seeking counseling for trauma, grief and loss, and narcissistic emotional abuse. 

I’ve created the Soul of Healing Groups, which are generally held virtually, to help women in whatever stage of recovery they are in from a toxic relationship.  All facets of recovery are addressed. See the link for Soul of Healing Groups. These groups help make a special connection with others that have experienced the same. Most of all to find meaning, purpose, and a new beginning.

As a certified wellness coach, I can meet with you via telehealth anywhere for narcissistic and emotional abuse recovery. I bring all of my holistic practices, healing tools, and twenty years of experience as a therapist to facilitate your recovery and help you move forward.  Check out my new wellness site!

My three Soul of Healing groups for narcissistic abuse recovery are available in my Towson office in a live format as well as virtually.  Pick the Right One for you.

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