About Me

It is my sacred honor to journey with you as you find the courage to ask hard questions, make important connections, and release and transform what is no longer needed to find new meaning and solutions.

Donna Shin, LCPC

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and earned my Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling  from Loyola University in 2004. My education and orientation are holistic – honoring and healing the self from a mind, body, spirit/soul approach. My unique graduate program integrated psychology and spirituality. I utilize traditional and experiential techniques in my practice to help you access your deeper self and wisdom to direct our work.

I have specialized in grief and loss and am a trauma informed therapist certified in a a very dynamic and powerful technique called Brainspotting – a brain and body based scientific therapy developed out of the more familiar, EMDR by Dr. David Grand.

(Please read more on Brainspotting in the Links and Articles section if interested.)

I have worked with grief and loss, anxiety, depression, transitions, abuse, trauma, relationship and family issues. midlife, codependence, narcissism, and chronic health issues.

I am passionate about self-care and helping my clients learn to love themselves in healthy ways.  As a Pastoral Counselor I am comfortable and open in working with clients on issues of faith and spiritual development.  I especially enjoy working with women to help them find their voice, and become empowered to care for themselves as they care for others.

In addition to practicing therapy I am currently a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach. 

My work and my own life have created a desire to understand how to help others dig in deeper with their own personal wellness plan. Stress creates various forms of anxiety, imbalance and health issues which manifest differently in each of us. The tools that I offer in therapy are effective to uncover what needs attention.  

I believe that as we collaborate together honoring you, what you bring, healing any unresolved trauma or grief, if necessary, that your health and overall satisfaction and wellness will improve. 

I am passionate about helping others use the wisdom that already resides within them to manage stress more effectively in order to live positive, peaceful and healthy lives. 

Take the next positive step.

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