Awakening – The Earth is Waking Up

The Earth is Waking Up It’s here, well it’s coming in slowly but with certainty — Spring, and what a perfect time for transformation. It’s all around us. The question is are you waking up and growing? What does it take to wake us up and help us grow, maybe…

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I Will Treat Myself With Gentle Respect

I will treat myself with gentle respect. Can you say that and really mean it? Does your life show it especially when going through a dark time? Can you stand as the caretaker of your own soul and protect it? We have to create our own peace, don’t we?  It…

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A Journey Through Grief

“In avoiding our sadness we avoid our lives. Learning from our sadness can bear great fruit, and avoiding it can have hidden costs. Our choice is in feeling the sharp pains of self-discovery or enduring the dull ache of unconsciousness that will last for the rest of our lives.” ~…

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The Pain and Danger of Emotional Abuse

Some don’t know that emotional abuse is as damaging as physical abuse. It is an unseen assault on one’s soul. One can experience emotional abuse in a family with a parent, in the workplace with an associate, or in a relationship.
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“ When the heart grieves for what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has left” I came upon this anonymous quote the other day and it caught my attention. Every experience and person we encounter blesses us.  Even a bad relationship can leave behind something of value. …

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Change is a constant in life whether we like it or not.  What do you think of when you consider change? Of course, it depends on what it is that is changing. Some changes are positive and exciting and bring promise and hope. A new healthy baby, a new love,…

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Loving Yourself Matters

The desire to experience unconditional love is the heart cry of every human heart. Loving yourself matters and fulfilling this experience in our lifetime is the spiritual path of awakening and enlightenment. Our early relationships, our experiences of friendship, a romantic encounter with another soul, our commitments and decisions to…

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True Healing Requires Integration

When you are hurting, experiencing a loss or going through a transition do you call on a Higher Power for help and strength? We all have different perceptions and experiences of what this means. As a psychotherapist who was trained in a holistic graduate program that integrated psychology and spirituality,…

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Taking Time for Healing Is Not Optional

Healing a heart that feels like it is broken takes time.  If you’ve had major surgery you must give your body time to heal which includes rest, proper nutrition, movement, a positive attitude and any other form of self-care that is life-giving to you. For example, connecting with God, those…

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