Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Donna Shin Therapy and Wellness offers narcissistic abuse recovery:

Are you involved with a pathological narcissist, sociopath, or psychopath?

  • Are you feeling emotionally unsafe?

  • Are you feeling alone, exhausted, and confused?

  • Are you suffering in your relationship and praying desperately for answers and clarity?

  • Do you feel like you’re going crazy and have become very reactive and don’t like the woman you’re becoming?

  • Are you trying too hard to get your needs met and change or “help” your partner?

  • Are you coming up against dismissal of your words and feelings and get shamed and blamed in return?

  • Are you in need of support from someone, anyone who sees, hears, and understands emotional abuse and how damaging and serious this is?

If so, then this quiz is for you… Please take the first step in discerning or confirming if you may be involved with a pathological toxic person.

Your health and the health and well being of your child depend on your healing.

Please remember healthy self-love is a reflection of God’s love for you.


Soul of Healing Group

Join us for a small live group meeting that helps create deep healing.

The meetings will be facilitated by Donna. Donna is a Holistic Professional Wellness Coach certified with IAWP. She has been a pastoral psychotherapist for 20 years helping others, grow, heal and thrive. She has been inspired through her own life experience to create this niche for women of faith who have been a target for emotional abuse.


90% of survivors of emotional abuse have some form of trauma like symptoms and 50-75% of survivors have full-blown PTSD or C-PTSD.

This is not a normal break- up

Cognitive dissonance caused from the trauma- bonding, in the love-bombing stage, is the #1 reported symptom and the most difficult to heal. Talk therapy alone will not help this.

Many therapists do not understand the trauma of narcissistic abuse because the survivor’s symptoms are “ atypical” and different than the more typical symptoms of PTSD.

Some examples of atypical symptoms caused by the impact of abuse on the brain

  • flashbacks of the positive events which cause pain and longing in the remembering
  • back and forth thinking of both the good and bad memories
  • constant rumination of the positive events and the betrayal
  • rumination of trying to make sense of it all
  • distorted feelings of guilt or blame, “ what’s wrong with me”
  • dysregulated emotional state
  • problems with thinking, sleeping, or functioning due to hyper-aroused flight or fight system

Long-term exposure to a psychologically disordered person affects the brain, the emotional body and eventually wears down the physical body and can make you sick.

The brain and body hold stored and frozen energy deep within the sub-cortical brain. Brainspotting allows the old “files” to gently open and release. The process will settle your nervous system, create calm again, clear your heart and mind and return you to a state of confidence and health. This is done in conjunction with psychotherapy and grief work.

It is a powerful and gentle process all done in a safe space where you can begin to return to freedom and walk in the light again with dignity.

Take the next positive step.

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