True Healing Requires Integration

When you are hurting, experiencing a loss or going through a transition do you call on a Higher Power for help and strength? We all have different perceptions and experiences of what this means. As a psychotherapist who was trained in a holistic graduate program that integrated psychology and spirituality, I am a true believer in the acclerated power of healing and transformation when Spirit is invited into the process. Simply, we are never alone and there is an unseen benevolent source of grace available always. It also works that through our suffering we encounter grace.

Knowing Yourself

Do you know your patterns that create self-defeating thinking or behavior? In my work, I consistently see self-critical thinking in my clients. We all have a tendency to be our own worst enemy, but this is serious and a major road block to wellness. Are you living consciously with regard to your self-defeating patterns? Do you know how to take care of yourself to become more empowered? Are you anxious, depressed, or living with unresolved grief? Check out my services.

What, or who, do you hold onto when you are drowning or sinking? The easy destructive “comforts” one may reach for are myriad – drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, pornography, busyness, … so many more – name your pattern. Are these “easy” ways of relieving our pain helping us love to ourselves and feel worthy so that healing can take place ? The answer is no, not when they are used to not feel and avoid our emotions.

Today, there is a desperate need in our world for inner peace and precious time to slow down and breathe. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, organic foods, energy healing, angels, supplements, essential oils – and the list goes on – are proclaiming to offer us increased connection and health. These beliefs and self-care practices can enhance our quality of life but they are not the be all and end all.

What is your foundation or understanding of the universal life forces?  How does this help you sift through it all?  Does it?

Confusion can easily occur if one does not have a solid foundation to understand life and one’s self.  Look at our world – it’s gone mad and thankfully, a higher consciousness – awakened souls – is also rising to overcome the darkness and violence we face regularly. Do you want to be light and love in this world, in your family, your workplace and in your relationship?

Basic Framework for True Healing

Approaching healing from a basic framework where we access the Power of Love/ Spirit to guide us into all knowledge/ Psychology – to heal ourselves first and then…we are truly free to extend that, to others and to our world. This model and integration of spirituality and psychology is holistic in nature and honors the truth that we are connected and whole when we honor our mind, body, and spirit to grow and heal.

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