Taking Time for Healing Is Not Optional

Healing a heart that feels like it is broken takes time.

 If you’ve had major surgery you must give your body time to heal which includes rest, proper nutrition, movement, a positive attitude and any other form of self-care that is life-giving to you. For example, connecting with God, those you love, or even a funny movie to help you feel hope. If we don’t give adequate time for healing our physical body it will let us know and we will likely have to take more time.  So how is emotional healing different?  It really isn’t.

In our wild and frenetic pace today we often feel like we don’t have enough time to do what is necessary to keep up with all our responsibilities and dreams. I challenge you to stop for a minute and think about if this is true for you, and if it is – how is living this way serving you?  The lack of giving adequate time to be still, to take care of ourselves and those we love usually shows up in poor health and in broken relationships. The adage that we can’t love others until we do the same for ourselves is true. If we have forgotten this our bodies get sick, the marriage breaks down, the children suffer and on and on. Fill in the blanks for yourself.

The way to heal a broken heart is to grieve.

Sadly, our culture does not honor grief well.  We are expected to quickly return to our routine after a short time and be “okay.” This does not create an atmosphere of tolerance or support for those grieving, so we must create that space for ourselves by taking time. This means taking time to know what you are feeling, acknowledge it and ask yourself what would bring comfort? Someone to talk to, a quiet space to feel and release the pain, a night out doing something different, a trip, are all ways of taking time. There are many  creative ways to care for yourself in healing. Embrace this perspective and do be creative and generous with your healing. It is a natural process and our body, heart, and spirit does know how to heal.  We just need to listen and cooperate. Contact Donna to start your therapy!


The way to heal a broken heart is to grieve. Sadly, our culture does not honor grief well. 

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